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On the steam MOP function

Jan 18, 2017

Steam MOP with superior function of grease, dirt and stains. As the home life themost headaches is the cooker hood off the grease, stains in the toilet, urine stains,stains on the leather sofa and refrigerator, microwave door where hands often touch, such as the legacy of the old cleansing of stains. Whether you use brushes, steel wool or cleaning agents, and some even use sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other prohibited the use of chemical products are unable to achieve the desired effect. Steam MOP uses special high performance multifunctional cleaning machinebrushes, edge brushes, stains have nowhere left to run.

Steam MOP has the function of cleaning edges, joints and corners. Bedroom, and Office of floor, and edge, and corner, and frames, and Windows, and refrigerator within drawer, and clapboard, and pool, and Cabinet, and sofa edge, and bottom, with rag or MOP cannot scrub of place, just gently a spray, 130 ℃ of high temperature steam gas will can easily makes these stick attached in these corner of stubborn stains itself off, originally dirty XI XI of place immediately new, this is steam MOP of power where.

Steam MOP cleaning glass with high functionality.