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Simple introduction about steam mops

Jan 18, 2017

Steam MOP kitchen in of gas stove, and sucking fume machine and around wall surface, years by attached of heavy oil, always let hard of family housewife headache was, market Shang by sale many clean agent, quality price varies, spray Shang clean agent have spent time waiting for dirt dissolved, chemical clean agent will caused pollution and easy injury hand, using steam MOP, these troubles on all missing has La. Kill bacteria, in addition to cleaning, chopping up the vegetables and meaton the cutting board, knife slit hidden amount of bacteria is not careful it will harmthe body, high temperature steam in addition to cleaning, bacteria can also be killed. Wet ride in the bathroom, tiles and work fine there ugly black mold, and General bathroom cleaner is difficult to remove, Groove is hard to scrub clean the toilet,high temperature sterilization effect lasting steam MOP, with curved nozzles, morethoughtful design, is the best equipped with cleaning your home or business.