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Steam cleaner principle of effectiveness

Jan 18, 2017

Steam cleaner principle of work is produced by high temperature steam, speed upthe dirt surface tolerance to molecular movement speed, by destroying the bondbetween them, to achieve the goal of eliminating stubborn stains, use special steam generating system with pump, quickly within 30 seconds turn water into powerful steam at high temperature and pressure. While attached to the objects of all kinds of bacteria, mites, and pathogenic micro-organisms and completely eliminated.Attached to the nozzle, brush and other features convenient accessories, without any chemical environmental protection concepts, rapid sterilization decontaminationefficiency. Widely used for sterilization, dust, dirt, oil, odor control, suitable for work, home use.

Steam cleaning machine has unique of cleaning effect, is modern cleaning of share; it distribution has variety different function, and different uses of annex, with steam powerful of to oil cleaning power, can clear bacteria, and microbial and tiny impurities, steam gas brush can directly for floor of daily clean, can daily completely clean doors and Windows glass, and mirror, and sofa, and floor, and bathroom apparatus and the many to cleaning of corner. Cleaning kitchen appliances, such asgas stoves, smoke machines, etc, can also be ironed clothes, is a housewife a good Assistant. This product has been sold for years in foreign countries, 95% per cent of households in developed countries in Europe and America are ideal for steamcleaner for everyday home cleaning appliances, was accepted by the consumer. InChina, people just know it