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Steam MOP features

Jan 18, 2017

1. High-temperature sterilization 120 degree hot steam sterilization;

2. Remove oil quickly dissolves stubborn grease, clean and effortless;

3. Ironing dry cleaning feature a material benefit to ironing, to dry cleaning and dust removal and sterilization function;

4. Environmental protection using clear water, no pollution to the environment, onproduct non-Sassafras;

5. Fast and efficient is within a few minutes the water into steam, without the use ofdetergents or chemicals, all types of material efficient cleaning and disinfection effects;

6. The scale friction effort without effort, to clean the surface will not cause any damage, total elimination of grease and odor, odor, lime sludge, soap scum, mildew, old scars, calcium and trace a variety of dirt;

7. High temperature steam can kill dust mites on healthy living, e coli and salmonella, for you and your family to create a cleaner and healthier living environment;

8. Multi-function cleaning supplies, household cleaning, sterilization and disinfection, while completing a total family health problems and dilemmas, Almighty home cleaning expert;

9. Easy to operate, with a variety of nozzles and brushes, flexible for a variety of occasions;

10. Green environmental protection, without any chemicals, pollution-free alternative to traditional cleaning agent, is an eco-friendly cleaning products;

11. High temperature sterilization, disinfection and cleaning almost all things;

12. Comfort hot, dry cleaning function, comfort clothing for vertical ironing, dry cleaning and dust removal, a multi-purpose machines;

13. Big, strong, long, large capacity, pressure and steam continued long;

14. Protection against dry heating and automatic power off function.