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Various features of the steam cleaner

Jan 18, 2017

Cleaning and decontamination:

Fume machine, and gas stove, and toilet, and glass, and bathroom, and doors and Windows, and coal furnace, and refrigerator, and leather sofa, and car engine, and car seat, and car interior, and stairs, and floor, and tile, and carpet, and leather, and seat, and various jewelry, and collar sleeves, and sneakers, and glass, and mirror, and ceramic ware, and wood business furniture, and easily clean of edge, and frames, and gap, and hole sewing, and corner, and car air conditioning export, and cushion and so on


Toilet, cleaning cloths, mops, floor, carpet, sofa, bed, curtains, clothing, children's toys, dish cloths, cutting boards, dishes, shoes, cars, pet, various types of handles, and so on.

On led to human disease of tiny bacteria killing force very strong, on Escherichia coli, and Golden Staphylococcus, and white beads bacteria are has good of clear effect, one-time sterilization up to 98% above, spray out steam can up 120 ℃, plus huge of pressure, can one-time on family supplies of cleaning, and sterilization, and disinfection,, on led to human disease of tiny bacteria killing force very strong, on Escherichia coli, and mites, bacteria has good of killing effect, effective inhibit has harmful bacteria in human of spread. For tableware, furniture, bedding and other


Ironing clothes, dispel peculiar smell

Air humidification, inhibition of formaldehyde

Clean car wash, Interior sauna

Just add water power for a few minutes to generate the high temperature and high pressure steam, on many types of surfaces to play clean and lifting power. Its efficient use of steam at high temperature and pressure and different configurationsto clean: indoor flooring, toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, gas stove, range hood, window glass and clothing, curtains, Fabric sofas, such as wrinkles and ironing. With antivirus, disinfectant, environmental protection and so on.