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Apparel Production Automatic Ironing System Design

May 27, 2017

 Ironing System Apparel production Automatic ironing system design, ironing is the last process of garment production, usually with the upper and lower plate drive, pressure, blowing steam, dehumidification and hair work, the quality of clothing has an important role. The traditional ironing process is manually operated by the worker. Quality control is more difficult, therefore, many companies put forward the production equipment for the transformation of the requirements. The scheme described in this paper uses a single-chip microcomputer system to form a programmable controller, embedded in the existing production equipment. Replace the manual operation of the workers. The use of existing equipment, the smaller investment can make the level of automation of clothing production has been greatly improved.

  1 system design

  Ironing process in the upper and lower plate, pressure, blowing steam, dehumidification and hair work is through the electromagnetic boring opening and closing control. Existing equipment on the solenoid valve opening and closing by the manual operation of manual switch to complete, according to the different types of clothing fabrics and clothing, there are different operating procedures. Therefore, the automatic ironing system involved should be able to perform different operating procedures according to different settings. In addition, it should have a good man-machine interface for parameter setting and monitoring of system status.

  System selection of single-chip as the core of information processing and control. As shown in Figure 1. The main control circuit receives the control signal of the previous process, reads the set parameters from the ewrom, controls the thyristor according to the different flow, and controls the operation of the ironing device solenoid valve to make the ironing process orderly

  2 system hardware design

  2.1 main control unit

  System selection of low-power high-performance single-chip at89s52 As the core of control and information processing, at89s52 instruction system and pin and standard 80c51 microcontroller is fully compatible, you can use keii c for software development. With three 16-bit timers, 8kb in system programmable program memory, 256b ram, and an on-chip watchdog. In order to enhance the data line on the anti-jamming capability, all data lines are connected with pull high resistance. In addition, because at89s52 i / o only 4 groups of 32, and the system needs nearly 40 lead, so i / o reuse. Taking into account the need to reuse the system i / o not much, and the LCD module and the output module of the data line does not need to use, the system only through the latch 74hc573 will po port reuse,

  When the microcontroller at89s52 need to read and write LCD module, the p3. O set "1", p3.1 clear, then latch 74hc573 latch, microcontroller p0 mouth data does not affect the output of the latch; when the microcontroller needs to output, the p3.0 cleared, p3.1 Set "1", then the microcontroller p0 mouth of the data on the LCD module has no effect, and the output of the latch and po port data synchronization.

  2.2 parameter storage module

  Ironing System The parameters can be set before starting work, and the system will adjust the parameters to e2prom. In order to reduce the number of read and write e2prom, the system boot data from e2prom read, stored in the microcontroller ram.

  The system uses i2c interface lkbits e2promat24c0l. I2c bus greatly facilitates the system design, no need to design the bus interface, so that the design time is greatly reduced. The parameter storage unit circuit is shown in Fig.