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Considerations For Using Steam Ironing Machine

Jan 18, 2017

1. Please use the correct power supply voltage 200-50/60Hz.

2. Please do not share with other high power electrical power supply.

3. In order to prevent leakage and other dangerous, follow instructions applicationuse this machine, not for any other purpose.

4. Not the machine, power cord and plug with the water.

5. When the machine is running, must pay attention to care, to avoid accidents.

6. Such as in the vicinity of children using this machine, please provide appropriateguidance.

7. Must be water before use. Please check frequently the water level when using.

8. Do not place the steam pipes in the floor or bend.

9. Do not touch hot parts or when using steam, to avoid burns.

10. Push pole to move the machine. If you run into difficulties, not just moved, please check your wheels only after the water drained.

11. In front of the favorite, first the machine to cool for at least 30 minutes and thewater in the water tank emptied.

12. In front of the water or drainage, first from the power supply, do not allow water to spill.

13. When not in use or before cleaning, move the machine, first turn off the power,unplug it after work.

14, Do not place the machine in the vicinity of flammable substances.

15. When they find problems, plug or the power supply is damaged, do not use the unit.

16, You must hold the plug to plug, pull the plug by pulling the power cord is prohibited methods.

17. Do not use a wire extension to avoid wire carriage fire hazard due to overload.

18. Not to join any detergent in water, otherwise it will damage the unit. Does not contain mineral water softener or distilled water is recommended.