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Does The Steam Mop Work

Aug 31, 2017

Does the Steam Mop work
As a new type of clothing wrinkle tool that is more and more popular with modern families, the reasons for the gradual replacement of traditional flat iron are:
A good dress with Steam Mop is the ideal choice. Research shows that often use a flat iron pressing easily damaged clothing fabrics, especially to high-grade fabrics (such as hard and aging), while the use of Steam Mop is ironed, under the natural state of suspension in gravity and high temperature steam (temperature) at 98 degrees under the dual function can be easily ironed, and maintain the best shape.
2. Use Steam Mop to save time and effort. Like shopping boutique shopping friend and miss shop can personally feel that, in an instant by hang up clothes can be ironed, don't even have to stoop, ironing, under a pile of clothes is not in words, is just a fix, and clothes can with the best results show in front of the customer.
Clean. Steam ironing Steam Mop with clothes and touch the parts (spray aerosol) is far away from steam source distance, use of domestic water dirt won't because of the high temperature like flat iron or steam iron brush, easy to spray on their clothing, but completely retained in the distant from the bottom of the furnace scale storage chamber (in the the bottom of the Steam Mop furnace).
Four, it's easy. With a Steam Mop water iron more than 50 clothes for modern families often have clothes iron, add a water should be used more than a week, and because "generous" is too small, flat iron is larger or not can must often add water. At the same time, the steam hanging ironing machine in daily use out the ironing board, and all know, with flat irons ironing board is very easy to dirty, use with not too many times will be black ash is dirty, for a family is a kind of quality. And it's inconvenient to get it out of place.
5. Price factors promote the excellent steam hanging iron of middle and high class families. The Steam Mop has dropped from thousands of yuan in the past century to hundreds of yuan today, the price of a Steam Mop at the price of a flat iron at the time. And Steam Mop is from the original image of only high-end brand boutiques condition configuration tools, and then gradually become the luxury high-grade family buy choose, and then to the present small profit market time ─ ─ is all the fashion shop will match tool, high-grade family replacement for flat irons, enjoy a high quality life that occupy the home electrical appliances. Modern family is not fashion, but the pursuit of personal appearance has more and more high, the high rhythm of work and life force people to hate take trouble work, thus Steam Mop in the case of all sorts of factors condition are allowed, become the high-grade family ideal assistant.
Environmental protection. Steam Mop ironing clothes with contact parts (spray aerosol) is far away from steam source apart, the domestic water dirt won't because of the high temperature like flat iron or steam iron brush easy to spray on their clothing,
Steam Mop as a fashionable small home appliance in recent years has been popular with consumers and love. Than traditional electric iron, Steam Mop operation more convenient, save a lot of time, will be countless families women from heavy housework life, and this kind of fashionable commodity itself also have adornment effect, to household space added a beautiful scenery line. The popularity of Steam Mop also inevitably causes the competition in the industry, for a time, various types, various functions of Steam Mop make the appearance. Recently, some brand launched a sprinkler water storage device, Steam Mop in produce steam at the same time there are emitting a smell of gas, claiming a "sterilization", "disinfection", and other functions, reporter with doubt, special department visited the relevant experts and authority. According to international guidelines, the Steam Mop will not add any additives except water. General brand produced by the steam temperature of Steam Mop if maintained at 98 degrees or so, has the function of high temperature sterilization and increase unknown additive ingredients inside the nozzle, not only to the sterilization, the chemicals that will cause damage to clothing, over time, also may bring health risks to consumers.