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Dry Steam Cleaner In The Chinese Market

Jul 31, 2017

Dry Steam Cleaner in the Chinese market
  China's Dry Steam Cleaner market is growing at an annual rate of 27.2%, with a compound annual growth of more than 100%. At the same time, the average annual growth rate of washing powder market is only 2.2%.
Domestic Dry Steam Cleaners will reach 19% of the total laundry detergent market in 2010 and 30% by 2015. In the United States, dry steam detergent market share has exceeded the detergent, accounting for more than 80%, a great alternative to the trend of detergent.
Dry Steam Cleaner formula than the soft detergent, the most is not hurt the hand, the clothes are less residual liquid, won the housewife's favorite. Washing powder irritation, long-term use will hurt the skin of love.
Many supermarkets to increase the Dry Steam Cleaner products display, Dry Steam Cleaner brand also has more than 10. Supermarkets found that the market share of the Dry Steam Cleaner is about to rise in the near future completely replace the detergent.
Dry steam detergent as the new darling of the detergent market, many consumers do not know how to buy dry steam cleaning agent, this dry steam cleaning agent experts also offer a few strokes, will be "Wen Wen cut" way "pulse" good dry steam Cleaning agent standards, the following we provide more accurate dry steam cleaning agent to buy "tips".
Look good quality products look naked to no impurities or stratification; and defective products on the thick layer of thin. At the same time, good color Dry Steam Cleaner color stability, long-term placement does not change color; poor there will be scattered, fading phenomenon. When purchasing, pay attention to see the label, qualified Dry Steam Cleaner packaging should have the product name, net weight, product use instructions, factory name, shelf life, product labels on the trademark logo Chu, deinking phenomenon. Smell the Dry Steam Cleaner fragrance pure, lasting will be partial acid, but also a little astringent taste. Asked in the purchase to ask about the historical background of the production enterprises, whether professional, brand reputation and so on. Cut Dry Steam Cleaner hand touch in the past, moderate viscosity, uniform ingredients, and poor Dry Steam Cleaner, feel very sticky or very thin, the bottom of the precipitation.
Through the above method, you can basically buy to the wishful Dry Steam Cleaner, of course, there are some knowledge of Dry Steam Cleaner, dry steam cleaning agent experts also remind you a lot of attention:
1, the solubility quickly dissolved in water, uniform effect on the clothing is the quality of the Dry Steam Cleaner; difficult to dissolve in water or need a long time to stir, only the local cleaning effect is the quality, but off the product.
2, does not contain phosphorus: means environmental protection and safety.
We may have heard of "water eutrophication", a fish pond, for example, if the occurrence of "water eutrophication", then the first fish pond in the algae and other microbes will multiply, and then the water will be substantially reduced oxygen, And then the fish will be hypoxia and death ... ... the entire fish pond ecological imbalance, and finally into a pool of stagnant water. "Phosphorus" in this process, the equivalent of stimulating the growth of microbial nutrients, great harm to the environment.
In addition, phosphorus will also affect the body's absorption of calcium, resulting in rhesus and the like. Do not use phosphorus-containing detergent, because the clothes rinse the process to remove the phosphorus is not easy - for health, you use more water, more time to rinse.
3, plus the fluorescent whitening agent clothes look bright as new, but the fluorescent whitening agent is only from the optical clothes look clean, but in fact stains still exist.
4, with dry steam cleaning agent cleaning clothes, the second year and then come out, the collar cuffs will not be yellow.