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How To Use Steam Mop Safely

Jul 31, 2017

How to use Steam Mop safely
Steam Mop to always close contact with the ground, the ground will inevitably have some food residues or other things easy to breed bacteria, if the Steam Mop head with long-term wet, then a large number of bacteria, mold, etc. will be a lot of In the Steam Mop head breeding, over time, we use the Steam Mop mopping the time when the Steam Mop on the bacteria will spread to every corner of the room, so as to bring a certain impact on people's lives, and even cause the possibility of disease The So how can we prevent the bacteria from brewing on the Steam Mop? Some people will use the disinfectant to steam sterilization disinfection, this method is very undesirable, because the disinfectant itself has a certain toxicity, and the use of disinfectant will also have an impact on the environment. In fact, the simplest way is the Steam Mop in the use of the Steam Mop after the first clean, and then placed in a better ventilation environment on the line, but be careful not to put the sun exposure, or will shorten the life of the Steam Mop The
 To know that we use the rotary Steam Mop when the novice may be more difficult and adaptable, but for this situation, I as a good Steam Mop sales channel consultants, it is necessary to give you a common problem to do a simple Answer Use knowledge details.
Rotary Steam Mop how to use the common problem Detailed first: in the end is how the combination of Steam Mop is mainly in the disc and the disc tilt contact, of course, must be one foot from the other side of the light down the plate, when you hear the card When the sound, you can complete the combination.
Rotary Steam Mop how to use the common problem Detailed Explanation: Second, the protection of the sleeve to be in the dehydration of the time, you should strictly one hand light grip sleeve to a fixed grip, and can effectively protect the hands of non-slip, anti-wear effect, while In use, it will be very good to move the sleeve to the top of the handle to avoid rolling up and down.
How to update the cloth to a good tread on the edge of the disc on the cloth, and the same direction of the screw, and then is to hold the Steam Mop toward the body in the opposite direction to push, you can So that the disc and the cloth can be separated.
How to adjust the angle of the grip can be adjusted to 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, etc., must be in accordance with the direction of the direction of the upper and lower can be adjusted gently.
Rotary Steam Mop how to use the common problems Detailed fifth: in the entire dry cleaning control to do single foot up and down the pedal can quickly dehydration, can be said to be safe and effortless, there is can be decontaminated, washed, of course, for the dry different Demand, then it is necessary to adjust the length of the design of dehydration time, be sure to control the dry cloth is the most important dry.
Rotary Steam Mop how to use the common problem Detailed Sixth: be sure to pay attention to the use of the highest water level, please keep abreast of the highest water level, it will effectively avoid dehydration, the water overflow situation.
Rotary Steam Mop how to use the common problems Detailed 7: strong dehydration to know the whole cloth is clean, very good grip straight up and down, can be washed evenly, as long as the dehydration, please put the Steam Mop head level, Hand to be straight down after you can put, you can grasp the handle, pay attention to the handle do not tilt the degree.
Tips: The introduction of the above are used for the introduction of the rotary Steam Mop, then the magic Steam Mop the use of skills you know it! In fact, these principles are generally the same. As long as you carefully to explore the estimate is also a good learning.