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In - Depth Investigation And Analysis Of Dry Steam Cleaner Technology

Jun 15, 2017

In - depth investigation and analysis of Dry Steam Cleaner technology

 Dry Steam Cleaners as a treatment process, in the processing of metal parts played a very important role, and Dry Steam Cleaner development and use, has been the industry focus on the problem.

     Degreasing is a metal processing of the pre-treatment process, basically metal parts are processed before such a process. Mainly is to increase the coating adhesion. Another hardware generally through the electroplating equipment, are cold-rolled steel sheet, in the natural environment will be rusty within 48 hours, so the surface will generally be coated with a layer of anti-rust oil. This is related to the production process of steel. On the complex shape (joint, blind hole) of small parts, non-ferrous metal parts, oil serious parts and easy to alkaline solution corrosion parts of the initial degreasing can be used organic solvent degreasing, saponification of oil and non-oil can be dissolved, General parts degreasing using chemical degreasing, this method is simple, simple equipment, low cost, but a long time to degrease. General parts of the degreasing or anode removal of wet residue can be used electrochemical degreasing, this method degreasing efficiency, can remove parts of the surface of the floating ash, soaking the residue and other mechanical impurities, but the cathodic electrolytic degreasing parts easily hydrogen, deep hole oil Removal is slow and requires a DC power supply. Large and medium parts or other methods should not be used to degrease the parts can be used to wipe skim, this method is flexible and convenient operation, not limited by parts, but the labor intensity of low efficiency. Precision is not too small small parts can be used to degrease drum, this method of high efficiency, good quality, but not suitable for large parts and easy deformation of the parts. The appearance of complex special parts degreasing can be used ultrasonic degreasing, this method on the substrate corrosion, degreasing efficiency, purification effect is good. Complex parts corners, holes, blind holes and cavity walls can be completely degreased.

In general, the higher the temperature, the more thorough degreasing. But not all occasions are the higher the temperature as the better, a variety of Dry Steam Cleaners have its suitable temperature range, take a kind of surfactant in the degreasing agent, too high temperature so that the surfactant precipitation aggregation like oil beads attached to On the surface, resulting in uneven phosphating film. To ensure adequate defatting time, pressure jet degreasing time generally 1.5 to 3 minutes, soaking degreasing three to five minutes. With the pressure injection, stirring and other mechanical effects are very effective, when spraying forced fresh degreasing solution, parts with good contact with the surface, and the whole degreasing liquid content uniform, conducive to improve the degreasing effect. The composition and use of Dry Steam Cleaner have a great effect on the degreasing effect. In order to improve the emulsification and dispersing ability of the oil and improve the content of the dry steam detergent surfactant, the content of different surfactants and different alkalins are So that the degreasing effect of a certain difference, a good Dry Steam Cleaner are a lot of tests, the proportion of their components with each other to determine the proportion of repeated screening.