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Ironing Without Steam Causes And Solutions

Jan 18, 2017

(1) The power control switch does not open--check for hanging ironing machine is not plugged in correctly, if not, please turn on the power switch.

(2) Hang too little water tank – turn off the hot water.

(3) Fold-a steam pipe to ensure that linked to hot steam pipes are completely loosened.

(4) No water in the water tank--hanging off hot water.

(5) After the steam indicator light does not light – lights, open pump control button, after the pump light can be used.

(6) The pump indicator light does not light-the handle pump control button is pressed, the light steam.

(7) The pedal led is not lit--check the product is not correctly plugged in, turn the pedal power control switch.

(8) Handle work led does not light – press the steam control button, light steam.