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Steam Cleaner Industry Development Prospects

Jul 31, 2017

Steam Cleaner industry development prospects
 Washing supplies to develop more emphasis on the role of scrubbing maintenance, safe and convenient, environmental protection and personalized needs and so on. Commodities should be energy-saving, water conservation, easy to rinse, high efficiency, environmental protection and safety.
    Foreign developed countries are concentrated, liquid goods mainly, the EU is also active to promote the cleaning process of washing supplies. The share of the US Steam Cleaner has exceeded 80% of the total amount of laundry scrubers; Japan condensed Steam Cleaner has accounted for more than 95% of its Steam Cleaner stores, clothing Steam Cleaner accounted for laundry goods market share has reached 40 %; EU condensed Steam Cleaner share is also more than 40%, steam detergent share has reached more than 30%.
    While the total concentration of steam condensate in China at 4%, the vast majority is still the general Steam Cleaner-based, rich in more non-useful chemical composition, that is, a waste of resources and increased consumption, and commodity functions Will be greatly affected. Commodity tends to grade low, over-reliance on price competition and planning to expand, the value-added goods is not high, fit the low-carbon economy of concentrated detergent, especially concentrated Steam Cleaner accounted for the total share of the total amount of washing supplies is very small.
    Although the Steam Cleaner has a lot of room to develop, but the liquid scrubbing Liu recipe is still facing several serious challenges: First, many are generally used in powder scouring agent in the excellent combination of surfactants, additives and anti-accumulation agent The second is a lot of surfactants in the presence of electrolytes, the dissolution rate is slower. In order to further improve the formula, improve the function of liquid goods, all scrubber career are active in the effort.
Steam Cleaner is liquid, with our Steam Cleaner as an example, has the following advantages, high concentration of liquid formula, easy to dissolve into the clothing fiber, the rapid collapse of stains, with high efficiency factor and decontamination efficiency factor, anti-stains In the clothing, to avoid secondary pollution, detergency than the national standard Steam Cleaner 24% better than ordinary Steam Cleaner 46%; moderate moderate, to protect the clothing fiber and color, the skin of the hand without stimulation; rapid dissolution, 100 Can be rinsed, no residue; rich flavor, choice of diverse; safe and environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly; sealed design, easy to store. Although the one-time purchase price is higher, but the daily wear and tear price is actually lower than the soap, the combined use of low cost, and can make clothing life longer. Therefore, compared to Steam Cleaner, soap, Steam Cleaner is more efficient and more clean, and the protective clothing does not hurt the hand, it is recommended that you choose Wei Lang Steam Cleaner.
 How does Steam Cleaner work? do you know? In recent years, the Steam Cleaner has become the new darling of laundry products, more and more become the choice of daily household laundry supplies. Some friends will feel that the Steam Cleaner is not used or the effect is not very good, but some people think that Steam Cleaner is very easy to use. In fact, this is a very important reason for this difference is whether we correctly use the Steam Cleaner.
Steam Cleaner as a new product, many people do not know how to use, still use the traditional way to use the steam cleaning detergent, the effect of course bad. So how should the Steam Cleaner be used correctly and share it with you today?
 How does Steam Cleaner work? There are a lot of people who do not use Steam Cleaners, in fact, the use of Steam Cleaner mainly involves two main problems: the use of methods and the use of dose. The following will be one by one to introduce.
(1) Steam Cleaner use
       Steam Cleaners can be used for hand washing can also be used for machine wash, different laundry methods have different use. Here are the following to tell you about hand washing and machine cleaning Steam Cleaner use.
      Hand wash: first in the basin into the Steam Cleaner water fully diluted, the clothes into the soak for some time and then scrub, and finally rinse clean.
      Machine wash: directly to the amount of Steam Cleaner into the liquid detergent can be within the plastic box.
      For large stains, difficult to clean the place to be pretreated: first in the dry clothes on the application of steam cleaning agent, and then according to conventional methods.
(2) the use of dose
       Many people do not know how much to use the Steam Cleaner when the dose, or the amount of less clothes to wash clean, or pour the clothes rinse clean. How much do you use Steam Cleaner?