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Steam Cleaner Is The Inevitable Trend Of Future Industrial Cleaning Development

Jun 30, 2017

Steam Cleaner is the inevitable trend of future industrial cleaning development
As the amount of waste water produced by industry, the great harm to the environment. In the traditional industrial production, trichlorethylene has been used as a good Steam Cleaner, it is used as a metal surface treatment agent, electroplating, painting before cleaning, metal degreasing agent and fat, oil, paraffin extraction, is Production indispensable "universal medicine", however, is such a God medicine, but has been faced with eliminated.

In 2016, the national wastewater discharge capacity of 71.62 billion tons, an increase of 3.0% over 2015. Industrial waste water emissions of 20.53 billion tons, 2.1% less than 2015; accounting for 28.7% of total wastewater discharge, compared with 2015 to reduce 1.5 percentage points. Urban domestic sewage emissions of 51.53 billion tons, an increase of 5.2% than 2015; accounting for 71.3% of total wastewater discharge, an increase of 1.8 percentage points over 2015.
Waste water emissions increased year by year, environmental protection is also imminent, only from the source to solve the problem of waste water can be effectively protected, and the source solution is the best way to use environmentally friendly cleaning agent products, and the country is also gradually improve the relevant aspects of the Law and management.

The former countries are fully committed to the development of environmental cleaning technology, in order to reduce energy consumption, to prevent excessive damage to the environment. In the United States, the scientific research institutions in particular focus on environmental technology research and development, represented by a large number of high-tech enterprises in the past two years have introduced new technologies, causing international attention. China is also gradually moving closer to this new technology, but there is a big gap, and more to introduce the main. It can be seen that the future of industrial cleaning areas, must be the world of steam cleaning agents.
The first category is equipment cleaning and maintenance:
Mainly for the various enterprises and institutions in the use of equipment for some time, the problems arising from the cleaning, degreasing, rust, descaling, rust, cleaning and maintenance, these devices a wide range: such as machinery and equipment, Electrical equipment, precision electronic equipment, water system equipment, a variety of machines, special equipment, the problems are different, it is difficult to have one or two cleaning agents can solve the problem of these devices, which requires professional production of steam Cleaning agents of the manufacturers to develop a variety of types of products to meet the needs of the market. In the selection of products, can prescribe the right medicine, choose the right product is the key to solve the problem.
The second category is the production process used in the process of series of Steam Cleaners:
Due to the production process vary widely. Cleaning requirements and cleaning of the object is also different, so the selection of suitable products on a lot of articles to do, under normal circumstances in the selection of products, the following factors must be considered:
1, the choice of water-based type or solvent type Steam Cleaner:
If the cleaning of the object requires rapid evaporation, and has the requirements of rust can be considered the choice of solvent Steam Cleaner, degreasing capacity of these products are strong degreasing. If the required cleaning costs are low, the cleaning of the volatile is not required, and is not sensitive to rust, you can use water-based type of Steam Cleaner.

2, the use of ultrasonic cleaning agent cleaning or spray cleaning:
This is also used in the selection of steam cleaning agents, if the water-based cleaning agent in the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, the requirements of the foam is not sensitive, and the use of spray on the bubble there is a requirement, Oil degreasing cleaning agent.