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Steam Iron And Ordinary Iron What Is The Difference

May 27, 2017

 Steam Iron What is the difference between steam iron and ordinary iron? The old iron is required to be wiped with a wet towel on the surface of the garment when it is used so that the water in the towel is evaporated when the iron is used to iron, so that the fiber is inflated Plus the weight and temperature of the iron itself, so that the folds on the clothes disappear, while the steam iron does not need to use wet towels, and the water is heated inside into the steam, so the iron itself can produce steam at the time of ironing , So more convenient.

  Now most of the market are steam iron, steam iron in the use of the process, has more advantages than other iron. For example, ironing is more neat and more uniform. Of course, in the choice of steam iron is the best choice with automatic cleaning function of the steam iron, not only can extend the life of the steam iron, but also save a lot of trouble cleaning. Recommend you to use the Philips iron. Philips electric irons not only use automatic descaling function, you can directly use the tap water, and the front-end design, easy ironing difficult to reach the area

  Steam Iron Iron as a standing home appliances, it is more frequent use, but you use the iron when the best to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1, in order to avoid the scale, should be filled with cold water.

  2, according to a variety of different clothing to choose the appropriate temperature. If you do not know the clothes cloth, you can first find a place to see when the clothes test iron, from the low temperature gradually began to increase.

  3, to wait until the water temperature to adjust the temperature, start ironing, otherwise the water will leak from the floor. Please note that this does not mean that the iron fails, but only the temperature is not enough, can not sublimate the water for the steam, and from the floor out.

  4, the use of steam smoked spray, so that temperament fiber to restore elasticity, due to wear reflective fabric can be restored as is. Such as steaming side, while brushing in the opposite direction with a brush, the effect will be more ideal.

  5, ironing the clothes, do not immediately put in the closet, hang on the hanger, so that the heat completely evaporated and then hung into the closet, so that it will not mold, rot.

  6, has produced scale, can be automatically cleaned with automatic iron cleaning function, if no such function, a small amount of vinegar can be used to pour iron into the iron head, and then use a powerful steam jet way to spray steam, can remove the scale. The tank should be cleaned afterwards.

  7, Steam Iron after use, be sure to clear the water, if not down, on the power to let the steam from the floor jet. Unplug the plug, upright collection, can extend the service life.