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Steam Iron Spray Out Of The Health Killer

Oct 20, 2017

Steam Iron spray out of the health killer
Steam Iron as a fashionable small household appliances in recent years has become the favor of consumers and love. Compared to the traditional iron, Steam Iron operation more convenient to use, save a lot of time, many women will be from the heavy housework life rescued, and this fashionable small commodity itself has a decorative effect, to add a home space Bright landscape. The popularity of Steam Iron will inevitably lead to competition within the industry, a time, various types of various functions of the Steam Iron debut. Recently, a brand launched a nozzle water storage device Steam Iron, in the production of steam at the same time will be emitting a fragrant gas, claiming to have "sterilization", "disinfection" and other functions, the reporter with questions, specifically Visited the relevant experts and authoritative departments. Experts, according to international guidelines, Steam Iron products in addition to water is strictly prohibited to add any additives. The general brand of Steam Iron produced by the steam temperature if maintained at about 98 degrees with high temperature sterilization function, and in the nozzle to add unknown additive ingredients, not only does not help sterilization, which will cause damage to clothing, , May also give consumers health risks.
It is understood that most of the current market, the brand of Steam Iron produced by the steam has a high temperature sterilization function. The first Steam Iron industry involved in the production of Steam Iron has been achieved within 45 seconds to produce steam, gas volume, the steam temperature has remained at 98 degrees above, for 70 minutes ironing, efficient and safe, to the clothes a comprehensive sterilization, disinfection, care Every consumer's health.
Health problems have become the biggest practical problems plaguing the people, consumers in the "Sudan red", "tripolyamine", "clenbuterol" and other bitter, do not know who the next healthy killer to play. In short, consumers should polish his eyes, always maintain a high degree of vigilance, do not believe the business side of the word.
Steam Iron with a water can iron more than 50 pieces of clothing, often have clothes ironing of modern families, plus a water should be used for more than a week, and flat iron because of "belly" too small or can not be large enough to be frequent Add water. At the same time, the Steam Iron in the daily use of the province to save the ironing board, and all know that with the flat iron supporting the use of ironing board is very easy to dirty, do not use too many times will be black and dirty, A superior family is really unpleasant. And access to the use of very troublesome inconvenience.
Price factors to promote the high-end family preferred steam hanging iron. Steam Iron prices from the introduction of overseas China last few thousand dollars has been reduced to a few hundred dollars today, that is, the current price of a Steam Iron is equivalent to the price of a flat iron. So the Steam Iron from the original only high-end brand boutiques have conditional configuration of the image of the tool, and later became a high-end home to buy the selection of luxury goods, and then to the current low-profit market era ─ ─ is the boutiques must match the tools , In the high-end family used to replace the flat iron, enjoy the quality of life of home appliances. Although the modern family is not a fashion shop, but the image of the clothing has a higher and higher pursuit of high-paced work and life forcing people to worry about time-consuming trouble, so the Steam Iron in a variety of factors are allowed under the circumstances, Has become a high-end family of the ideal helper.
Steam Iron ironing and clothing contact parts (nozzle outlet) away from the steam source is very far away, the use of domestic water due to high temperature dirt will never like a flat iron or Steam Ironing brush as easy to spray on the clothes, and Is completely kept in the bottom of the bottom of the heater storage chamber (at the bottom of the Steam Iron heating furnace). At the same time, high temperature steam also has dust, sterilization, disinfection effect.