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Steam Iron Turned Cute Become The New Darling Of Girls In Summer

Aug 09, 2017

Steam Iron turned cute become the new darling of girls in summer
Recently, the market appeared a shape for the "dragon" Steam Iron, product code for the NK-377, its design is very cute, the overall color designer gouache, very consistent with the lovely girl's temperament and image, at home, no doubt Will become a beautiful decoration, so the goods have been listed on the girls became the new darling.
The bottom of the Steam Iron is designed for soft casters, so it is very convenient to move, and will not scratch the floor, girls can rest assured that use. Coupled with a transparent water tank design, can make the observation easier, so as to timely increase the demand.
Everything has two sides, the product is no exception. In the attitude of integrity, as well as for the sake of the psychological consumers, I believe that the function should be changed to the type of Steam Iron account clearly.
Performance is mainly used 98 degrees high temperature Steam Ironing design, 44 seconds out of steam, but compared to other products in the market may be slow, sustainable work for 75 minutes, so the clothing does not matter. In addition, the market price is 1299 yuan, relatively expensive.
I believe that the product is mainly to show the characteristics of the manufacturers to meet consumer demand and then improve their products, in the creative style to do very good. In the decorative, impressive, durable comprehensive evaluation is still very good Steam Iron manufacturers.
Steam Iron is also known as vertical iron or hanging iron, meaning that can be hung with hot cloth and clothes machine. Steam Iron has a lot of advantages, which makes it with many traditional iron pulled away from the Steam Iron manufacturer.
   First of all, the Steam Iron has a certain comparative advantage. Some experts have shown that if the clothes are often used flat iron iron pressing, the fabric is very easy to be damaged, and ultimately lead to fabric hard aging. While the Steam Iron is different, it is in the state of natural suspension of clothing ironing, in the clothes of their own gravity and high temperature steam under the dual role, directly to avoid the damage to the fabric, and it can be easy and convenient, Quickly ironing the clothes, the effect is - ironing the clothes bright as new, and can keep the best wearing shape.
   Second, the Steam Iron has the advantage of environmental protection. Steam Steam Iron in the ironing of clothes, it and the contact parts of the clothes away from the steam source is relatively far away, and if the use of tap water and other domestic water, because of high temperature dirt, but it will not like a Steam Ironing brush Or flat iron is so easy to spray on the clothes. At the same time, its high temperature steam can also be disinfected, dust, sterilization and so on.
   Finally, the Steam Iron has a convenient advantage. Steam Steam Iron water after a one-time ironing can be more than 50 pieces of clothing, so for the modern family, plus a water after enough to use a week.
Steam Iron manufacturers if the ironing when using the correct method of operation, not only can reduce the ironing time, but also ironing clothes clothes were beautiful.
The function of the high-temperature steam ejected by the Steam Iron is to soften the fabric fibers, and it is difficult to straighten the clothes like the steam from the nozzles, and it is necessary to straighten the clothes by gravity. The correct method of operation is: one hand to hold the clothes down the hem down, try to keep the clothes pull flat. And then the steam nozzle attached to the clothes, slowly move up and down, relying on high temperature steam to soften the fiber and then use the tension to make clothing stereotypes. Hot to the clothes when the hem, pinch the clothes on both sides of tension, and then up and down ironing. In the ironing clothes when the collar can increase the intensity of pressure down, the pressure can be a little longer time.
When ironing, be careful of the high temperature steam from the nozzle. Use steam Steam Iron, simple and quick, so you wear new clothes every day.