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Steam Ironing Clothes Dryer Not Vented Causes And Solutions

Jan 18, 2017

① Design principle is different for each brand linked to hot machine, intake of some may be blocked, as this phenomenon is the host heat, no vapor causing no vent;

② Linked to hot-hosts have to boil water ' but there is no steam jet, this tube is blocked, quickly shut down, cleaning, ironing steam duct vent brush Panel;

③ If no water sounds, while the host is not hot, this situation is that the bladder is broken, or wiring problem.II if it is a new machine not steam have a problem, to find business address;

⑤ If hot stamping machine for a long time, there may be bad, maintenance repairs, steam is not under normal circumstances, a febrile movement is very simple, as long as they can power up properly, water tank, the water will steam.