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Steam Ironing Machine Automatic Power Off Problem Of Water Shortage Solution

Jan 18, 2017

① In use when the heating temperature of the pot reaches a certain level, auto power off, first determine whether you add water or run out of water, but also makesure that inlet is there a blockage, if these two reasons according to the circumstances there should be no problem.

Summary: the main cause of this situation is controlled by a hanging iron machinetemperature control switch, should belong to the safety precautions!

② Fuse control:

When heating the Pan's temperature reaches a certain level, could cause the fusewill automatically burn again next May.

③ Fuse circuit board problem:

In this case involved such as circuit boards, if you do not have the expertise, should be unable to figure out why, so it is necessary to send professional linked to hotmachine maintenance, to avoid other things should not have happened!