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Steam Mop To Buy When The Need To Pay Attention To What The Details

Aug 18, 2017

Steam Mop to buy when the need to pay attention to what the details
1. Want to see the Steam Mop heater
That is, liner, now generally have four types of liner, plastic liner, copper liner, aluminum liner and stainless steel liner.
Plastic liner, the current basic has been eliminated, the market is now mainly copper liner, aluminum liner and stainless steel liner. Aluminum liner, steam pressure is small, the motor is less powerful, and easy to burn, while the price is more expensive; stainless steel liner Steam Mop, cheap, steam pressure, not easy to scale, longer life; Copper heaters, it is well known that copper in high temperature and humidity environment is very prone to oxidation of copper oxide production, copper oxide after long-term oxidation of the final production and production of copper, so although early, copper energy efficiency ratio is very high, but the use of After the time, the steam began to slowly reduce, then, you need to use vinegar or detergents to remove the fouling of the bladder need regular cleaning and maintenance.
2. Select the function you want
At present, many Steam Mop, not only ironing function, but also has a clean, humidification, cleaning function, buy a multi-functional Steam Mop is a good choice, but also pay attention to whether the Steam Mop multi-stall steam adjustment settings. Multi-stall adjustment, will make the clothes ironing, ease, operation step in place. For example, Huaguang electrical professional QB06-C, Delma Steam Mop family of DJ29, its Promise steam adjustment settings, any exquisite fabric, can be easily ironed. Some Steam Mop with cleaning accessories, you can do the washing machine and mopping machine.
3. Look at product details design is perfect
Steam Mop, iron brush in the use of time, there will often be a drop of water affect the ironing effect, choose a cold water mop is a good choice. But also pay attention to the design of iron brush, set unreasonable ironing, may scratch the fabric, while ironing also left dead. At present the best ironing design, is the triangular pressure ironing brush design, ironing without leaving the corner. If it is capable office workers, pants seam folder is also a small detail can not be ignored, use it to expose the sleeves and pants crease, natural and decent.
At the same time, whether the tank has a clean filter design, whether the host has a drainage design is critical, can effectively prevent the heat cooker fouling, improve machine life.
4. to see whether the use of convenience
Easy to use Steam Mop, will make ironing freely, in the face of piles of clothes, you can easily solve. Such as Steam Mop, handle steam control design, you can save frequent bending to shut down or adjust.
5. Look at the look and color
Choose their own favorite and suitable for their own room color, Steam Mop but also pay attention to the shell of the material and paint, to choose the material soft, bright paint.
6. depends on after-sales service
From the manufacturers or brands, it should be the seller, Steam Mop as long as the seller can provide after-sales service is enough, choose the UNPROFOR is the best, regardless of online shopping, electricity purchase, physical store can easily achieve the national UNPROFOR service