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Steam Mop Using Methods And Features

May 27, 2017

Steam Mop Steam mop using the method and characteristics of the steam mop its principle is through the water heating, resulting in pressure and high temperature, directly through the high temperature and high pressure steam to sterilize sterilization, clean the home environment. Steam mop generally high temperature sterilization, remove oil and other functions. Use high pressure to produce steam, you can clean and sterilization, easy to deal with tough dirt. Whether the kitchen range hood is difficult to clean the grease, moistened mold in the wet bathroom, or car engine and interior, etc., steam mop quickly remove dirt, save time and effort, economic and affordable. Do not need to add any cleaning agent, in full compliance with economic principles


  Steam Mop High temperature sterilization 120 degrees high temperature steam sterilization;

  Remove the oil can quickly dissolve stubborn oil, clean effortless;

  Ironing dry cleaning function can be a material and ironing, to dry cleaning and sterilization function;

  Environmental protection only need to use water, no pollution to the environment, the product without scratch Sassafras;

  Efficient and quick within a few minutes to water into steam, without the use of detergents or chemicals, all types of materials to play efficient and efficient cleaning, disinfection effect;

  It is necessary to remove the grease, odor, odor, lime sediment, soap fouling, mold, old mark, calcium trace and other dirt; it is necessary to remove the grease from the surface of the object to be cleaned,

  Healthy living high temperature steam can kill dust mites, E E. coli and Salmonella, for you and your family to create a cleaner, more healthy living environment;

  Multi-purpose cleaning supplies, household goods cleaning, sterilization, disinfection can be completed at the same time, the complete lifting of family health problems and problems, is the Almighty family cleaning experts;

  Easy to operate, with a variety of nozzles and brush, flexible for a variety of occasions;

  Green, without any chemical agents, no pollution, can replace the traditional cleaning agent, is an environmentally friendly cleaning products;

  There is high temperature sterilization, disinfection, almost all things can be cleaned;

  Comfort hot, dry cleaning function, the clothes can be vertical comfort, dry cleaning dust, a machine more use;

  Large, strong, long, large capacity, strong pressure, long steam;

  Steam Mop With anti-dry and automatic power off function.


  1. Unscrew the helmet from top to bottom in the counterclockwise direction and add the appropriate amount of water as required. Be careful not to fill too much water (1.5L maximum). Turn the helmet in a clockwise fashion, connect the power plug to the assembly (refer to the instructions) for the item to be cleaned by the customer. The power indicator will light. After waiting for 3-4 minutes, press and hold the steam jet button to eject the steam and use it.

  2. After cleaning, place the cleaner for a period of time and allow the body to cool completely. Keep it in a cool place. Do not spray steam on people, pets and plants.

  3. When cleaning, do not put detergent or soapy water, be sure to use ordinary tap water