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Use Steam Iron To Pay Attention To What Aspects

Oct 11, 2017

Steam Iron is a family of small appliances, but also in the use of attention to the following aspects.
1. To avoid scale, Steam Iron should be filled with cold water as much as possible.
2. Ironing, according to the different clothing to adjust the temperature. If you do not know the clothes of the fabric, you can first find a place where you can not see the ironing test, and gradually increased from the low temperature.
3 .. in the ironing, to wait until the water temperature to reach the temperature and then start ironing, or water temperature is not enough water can not sublimate into steam, easy to flow out from the floor.
4. To prevent ironing due to wear and make the fabric reflective, can use steam smoked spray, so that the fiber to restore elastic. If the side of the steam, while brushing in the opposite direction with a brush, the effect will be more ideal.

5. To prevent the clothes moldy, ironing good clothes is best not to immediately into the closet, but should first hang on the hanger, so that the heat completely evaporated and then into the closet.
6. If Steam Iron produces scale, it can be automatically cleaned by Steam Iron automatic cleaning function. If this function is not available, a small amount of vinegar can be used to fill the iron head with water, and then it can be cleaned with strength. The tank should be cleaned afterwards.
With the development of the market, Steam Iron in the market visibility is getting higher and higher in the market has an increasingly important place for the equipment in the effectiveness of the guarantee, what is done?
Material purchase
Steam Iron in the effectiveness of the guarantee is the first thing to do is to ensure that the purchase of materials to ensure that the source of the purchase of materials and where the clear, to meet the production needs to ensure that the use of the normal effect on the equipment for the product Quality assurance has a very important role.
2. Production process
Steam Iron in the effect of the guarantee also need to do is in the production process of concern in the production process on the excellent guarantee of the product in the performance of the guarantee for the equipment in the production process requirements, friction, High temperature resistance, and a variety of performance are needed.
3. Product transportation
Steam Iron in the effect of the final guarantee is done in the product transport on the guarantee, manufacturers in the transport of products, the equipment will be packaged to avoid damage in the course of transport, the quality of the equipment in transit The guarantee has a very important role.
In summary, Steam Iron in the production of the requirements, manufacturers need to focus on these aspects to ensure that the quality of the production excellence, reduce the lack of quality.
Whether it is Steam Iron, or other types of machinery and equipment, in practical applications are required to follow a certain working principle, the only way to be able to better play the equipment should have the performance characteristics, so as to bring users satisfied with the use effect. So what is the working principle that Steam Iron uses in use?
In practical applications, Steam Iron in the water after the power, its core used in the heat of the room temperature water vaporization into high temperature, high pressure water vapor (note that the high temperature, high pressure water vapor temperature is generally above 98 degrees) And through the steam pipe and nozzle will be hot water vapor release, let it meet the ironing temperature.
In the use of the process, the user only need to Steam Iron ironing parts of the clothing folds at the injection, and with the use of trousers folder, brush, dust brush, ironing liner and other accessories, through the "pull" "Pressure", "spray" action smooth clothes and fabrics, so that clothing to achieve smooth, supple and in addition to mites, sterilization, dust effect, so as to ensure the use of clothing effect.
In other words, as long as Steam Iron in use is in accordance with the above-mentioned principle of operation, then it is in use will be able to bring the user satisfaction with the use of results.