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Why Is The Steam Iron So Popular Now?

Aug 18, 2017

Why is the Steam Iron so popular now?
The original is not very popular Steam Iron now we are rushing to buy small appliances, most of the large supermarkets and home appliances are put on a wide range of Steam Iron, and the original electric iron do comparison, now Steam Iron has more features, fast ironing, high-quality performance, effort and worry.
Steam Iron not only looks looks beautiful, but also very good performance. Before the iron if the care will be hot or deformation of the clothes, and the clothes will be hot wet, but the Steam Iron is not the same, and can be good to wear immediately, which solved the office workers a lot of trouble; Before the iron in the ironing clothes, take the clothes off on a special board for ironing, there are lots of details on the clothes very hot place, and the Steam Iron is very easy to use the brush device, anytime, anywhere Ironing clothes, ironing to the casual clothes that small place, heating speed and ironing degree is very fast, by your housewives favorite.
Home clothes washed to be ironing after finishing, then if there is a Steam Iron is very easy friends. Now a lot of Steam Iron can not only ironing clothes, as well as sterilization and odor removal function, suitable for all family use, especially the elderly children's family, you can make their clothes cleaner health, the body is more healthy friends.
The high quality Steam Iron is made with a quick cooker, steam is very fast and very strong, no matter what the texture of the clothes, can be quickly ironed. Strong steam also has the function of eliminating odor and high temperature sterilization, not just clothing, even fabric sofa, bedding, curtains and other large items can easily clean care.
Steam Iron There are two types of steam for you to choose from, depending on the material of the laundry. The quick heating effect of the quick cooker is very good, the temperature is very fast, you can instantly produce a lot of steam, you save a lot of ironing time.
Steam Iron with more times later, some will appear less steam situation, then you can take some cleaning detergent to clean, the specific steps:
1. Place the appropriate amount of cleaning solution into the place where the Steam Iron is waterproof.
2. In the place where the water to add 400 grams of water, set the Steam Iron for half an hour after the cleaning fluid will be completely and water fusion.
3. Turn on the power, turn on the Steam Iron switch, waiting for the Steam Iron to run for about a quarter of an hour.
4. Wait until the water inside the tank almost evaporates when the power of the machine is cut off.
5. Install the storage tank filled with water to the Steam Iron, the drainage valve to open, the water tank and the steam in the water will be washed out with the dirt. Be careful: use the water more than a few times, until the water out there is no dirt just fine. After cleaning the drainage switch should be closed to prevent dripping.
6. Turn on the power again, turn on the switch, wait for the Steam Iron to run for a few minutes, so that the inside of the water can evaporate the water, and then you can cut off the power.
Steam Iron is a must for small household appliances, but also in the use of attention to the following aspects.
1. To avoid the scale, iron should be filled with cold water.
2. Ironing, according to the different clothing to adjust the temperature. If you do not know the clothes of the fabric, you can first find a place to see when the clothes test iron, and gradually increased from the low temperature.
3 .. in the ironing, to wait until the water temperature to reach the temperature and then start ironing, otherwise the water temperature is not enough to sublimate the water for the steam, easy to flow out from the floor.
4. To prevent ironing when the fabric due to wear and tear reflection, you can use steam smoked spray, so that the fiber to restore elastic. If the side of the steam, while brushing in the opposite direction with a brush, the effect will be more ideal.  
5. To prevent the clothes moldy, ironing good clothes is best not to immediately into the closet, but should first hang on the hanger, so that the heat completely evaporated and then into the closet.
6. If the iron to produce scale, you can use the automatic cleaning of the iron automatic cleaning; if no such function, a small amount of vinegar can be used to pour iron into the iron head, and then with a strong cleaning, but also remove the scale. The tank should be cleaned afterwards.