Hand Held Carpet Cleaner

Hand Held Carpet Cleaner
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Product Features of Hand Held Carpet Cleaner

This Hand Held Carpet Cleaner comes with many accessories. It includes a steam gun, single nozzle, round brush, pressure nozzle, large round brush, artificial brush, extension tube, electric iron, iron ironing board, terry cloth cover, Microfiber sleeves, microfiber wipes, steam turbine brushes and descaling agents. With these accessories you can clean the home, the corners, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Not only can it be cleaned with steam, but it also provides professional iron fittings for users who need ironing, so that users can enjoy professional ironing function at home.

It takes only 4 minutes to produce continuous steam at a rapid rate. The heat power is 1.85 kW, the temperature in the boiler is as high as 140℃, and the actual cleaning temperature can reach 100℃. This temperature can achieve the functions of cleaning, sterilization and disinfection. Any chemical cleaner that kills 99.99% of the bacteria in the house, combined with a flexible mantle and handkerchief brush head for thorough cleaning. Quite amazing!

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3-4 minutes

Working Time

17 minutes

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1. Clean the heavy oil hood and clean the heavy oil stove

Handle + cleaning partner + nozzle / brush head = neat cleaning machine, can be used to clean range hoods, gas stoves, toilets, corners, air conditioners, etc.

When used in combination with a cleaning partner, the high-temperature steam can be quickly fused with the cleaning liquid, which can enhance the decontamination ability of the cleaning liquid, quickly disintegrate the oil molecules, and be quickly removed under the action of high temperature.

When the oil is heavy, you can add a cleaning agent and use it with the brush head. The cleaning effect will be ideal.

2. Clean the glass doors and windows

Multi-purpose cleaning head + row brush / strip + cloth sleeve + long tube = glass cleaner, can easily clean the stain on the surface of the glossy surface of the glass, and connect the long tube to avoid the trouble of climbing up and down.

3. Steam mop

Floor brush + long tube + elbow + cloth sleeve = steam mop, can easily mop floor, tile, wooden floor, carpet, blanket, etc., after the floor brush is put into the cloth cover and then clean the floor to avoid excessive water stains

2.23m handle line is connected to 1m long tube, it is convenient to use, you can mop when you mop the floor without bending over

4. Steam ironing machine

Multi-purpose cleaning head + long tube + cloth cover = steam hanging machine, can easily hang hot clothes and stains on plush fabric, remove the folds of clothes

5. Steam car cleaning machine

Handle + cleaning companion + nozzle / brush head = car cleaning machine, can easily clean the car tires and stains on the car surface